Hillary Comes to Texas Seeking Endorsements from Weak Democrats

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Democrat presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is coming to Texas to seek endorsements from a very weakened field of Texas Democrats. Among those offering their endorsements are two-time loser, former Texas State Senator Leticia Van de Putte and current State Senator Carlos Uresti.

When seeking endorsements from Texas Democrat leaders, it appears the pickings are very slim. Former State Senator Van de Putte lost in her 2014 bid to become Lt. Governor of Texas in a race against her fellow senator, Dan Patrick. Patrick won a resounding 58-39 percent victory over the San Antonio Senator. She then resigned her senate seat to run for mayor of San Antonio where she again lost to incumbent Mayor Ivy Taylor. She lost that race by a margin of four points 52-48. See election results here.

Another of her shining endorsements will come from State Senator Carlos Uresti, an odd choice for Clinton given that in February 2007, Mrs. Uresti allegedly called police reporting a domestic violence situation involving a gun. According to reports, she allegedly told the police she was upset with her husband “due to him having a possible affair.”  A Strange in San Antonio blog post from that period links to a now deleted San Antonio Express-News article. The blog post block quotes the following:

Yolanda Uresti said Tuesday she was seeking revenge against her husband, state Sen. Carlos Uresti , when she called police to their Southeast Side home early Saturday.

“We said things we wish we hadn’t, and, I’ll admit, I called the police out of revenge,” she said in a written statement. “As they say, though, what is done is done, and no matter how much we may wish to, we cannot take it back.”

When police turned up at their residence in the 9000 block of Walhalla Avenue, Yolanda Uresti told officers she was upset with her husband “due to him having a possible affair,” according to the San Antonio Police Department incident report. … 

The SAPD dispatcher originally coded the call as a case of family violence with a gun. But the incident was ultimately classified as a disturbance.

Another blog site, Behind the Blue Wall, references the same article and others on the same incident:

…A caller identified only as Yolanda phoned police at 12:45 a.m. Saturday from the couple’s home address. Her husband was abusing her, she told the dispatcher. She identified him as a senator, and said he had a gun, according to two police sources who’d read the electronic dispatch report. According to the incident report, Uresti appeared calm when police arrived. He said they’d gone to a party earlier in the evening and had been drinking. The report said he also “stated there was a gun in the home and it was unloaded by him”…

The linked posts from the two blog sites are both from the period contemporary with the now deleted Express-News article.

Uresti has since divorced from Yolanda Uresti and married a much younger Mrs. Uresti. The new wife is 12 years his junior, according to a HoustonPress article discussing the couple’s apparent age difference during their 2013 wedding dance. “Granted, she looks like his daughter in the clip, not his wife, but, hey, way to go Senator!,” wrote HoustonPress reporter Jeff Blake.

Another high-profile endorsement, as reported by KSAT,  for the former U.S. Senator from New York and former Obama Secretary of State comes from the man reportedly hoping to be number two on a Clinton/Castro ticket is Obama’s Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro.

Earlier this month, Breitbart Texas’ Merrill Hope reported that failed gubernatorial candidate and former state senator, Wendy Davis, added her name to the growing list of losers endorsing Clinton.

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