Clinton Campaign: Huma Has ‘Lack of Knowledge’ About Benghazi

Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

The Hillary Clinton campaign said Friday that top Clinton aide Huma Abedin has a “lack of knowledge” about the Benghazi terrorist attack and thus should not be the target of the Benghazi Committee’s inquiry.

Abedin testified Friday morning in a closed-door session before Rep. Trey Gowdy’s committee. Breitbart News reported that the committee was set to ask her about the events of September 11, 2012, when the terrorist attack occurred, and about the State Department’s congressional response to it, but planned to steer clear of issues including the Clinton Foundation’s Benghazi-themed discussions.

But the Clinton camp does not think that Abedin should be at the center of the investigation.

Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill said that it is “unclear why the committee is focused on her, given her lack of knowledge about the events surrounding Benghazi,” reported Bloomberg’s Jennifer Epstein.

Really? A lack of knowledge. Abedin was Clinton’s right-hand aide on the day of the attack and throughout the scandal.

A source in Washington, D.C. pointed Breitbart News to an email that Abedin sent on October 29, 2012, just weeks after the attack.

“Had a long visit with my friend who was in Benghazi,” Abedin wrote to Clinton. “will download in person but think very important for you to call [redacted] the injured DS officer. he is now well enough to talk.”

The State Department is fighting to keep classified at least thirteen sensitive email exchanges related to the department’s response to congressional inquiries on the attack.