Marco Rubio Warns: ISIS Wants To Conquer The World

Molly Riley/AP
Molly Riley/AP

Senator Marco Rubio insists the threat from Islamic State terrorists is very real, especially to the United States and its allies.

“They are not simply satisfied with controlling Afghanistan, or Syria or Iraq, they want to conquer the world,” Rubio explained in an interview with Fox News. “They initially want to go after our allies, they want to destroy Israel but ultimately they want to come after us here in the United States and they are actively trying to do it now.”

Rubio referred to material published by ISIS describing its plans to recruit Americans, its efforts to target American soldiers, and its dream of raising the black flag of ISIS over the White House.

“This notion that somehow we leave them alone they will leave us alone just isn’t true,” Rubio said. “They believe that it is their calling to conquer the world in the name of their version of radical Islam.”

Rubio criticized Barack Obama for repeatedly announcing troop draw downs in Afghanistan during his presidency – even though it was very clear that the threat posed by terrorists was returning.

“They waited and they were biding their time, and and as a result with each reduction in American troops, you saw more and more aggressive actions on their part,” Rubio said. “They are basically stepping into the vacuums and voids that we’re leaving behind.”