Detroit Pastor in Custody After Shooting, Killing Attacker During Church Service

Flickr / timothytsuihin

A Detroit pastor is in police custody after pulling a Glock handgun and shooting a 25-year-old suspect who allegedly entered the church armed with a brick during services on October 18.

The incident on Sunday occurred about 1:45 pm “at the City of God church on Detroit’s west side.”

According to Local 4, “The [suspect] stormed into the church during a service wielding a brick. Police say the man was well known by the congregation and especially the pastor.”

Assistant Detroit Police Chief Steve Dolnut said, “The suspect entered the church, he allegedly had a brick in his hand and was threatening the pastor.” Dolnut said the pastor had “filed a police report” regarding a previous incident with this same individual. Authorities said the suspect had a history of “threatening… members of the congregation” as well.

The pastor pulled a Glock and fired “four or five shots” at the suspect. Some of those shots found their mark and the suspect succumbed to his wounds.

The pastor was taken into custody for questioning. There are conflicting reports as to whether or not the pastor has actually been arrested.

USA Today reports that investigators are trying to determine whether the pastor had a permit for the gun, while The Christian Science Monitor reports that a central issue is the fact that guns are currently illegal to possess in Michigan churches. But the Monitor does note that Michigan lawmakers met just last week to discuss the possibility of expanding concealed carry to churches, schools, and other gun free zones where law abiding citizens are rendered defenseless at the hands of criminals.

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