Man Wielding Box Cutter Almost Kills Two EMTs in Detroit

Crime scene. Do not cross.
AP Photo/David Goldman

On Tuesday, just after 12 a.m., a man wielding a box cutter stabbed and slashed two Detroit EMS employees after they tried to help a woman who was with him.

Near the NSO building, Alfredo Rojas, 25, responded to the woman’s pleas for help with her sprained ankle, but when he could not transport the woman, the man she was with attacked him, prompting EMT Kelly Adams, 49, to intervene. The man then slashed and stabbed Adams as well, according to Interim Executive Fire Commissioner Eric Jones.

According to CBS Detroit:

“They were together on the sidewalk when EMS arrived,” Jones told reporters. “The male subject was upset at the assessment of the EMTs so as they were treating her — I can’t get inside of his head, I don’t know what he was agitated about, but he was upset for some reason — and at some point during the encounter, he produced this weapon.”

Jones said the two EMTs saved their own lives by driving to a hospital, adding they came “within inches of dying.” He said, “(They drove) to save their lives,” adding that “they decided that they needed to get to the hospital right away. The medics drove themselves and I’m glad they did. I’m glad they’re here.”

According to Jones, both men needed surgery for “very, very deep lacerations” to their face and hands. He said, “It was a horrific scene. The EMS rig, the scene inside of the rig is horrific, their injuries are horrific. They’re upset, they’re concerned about the safety of how they do their job and their colleagues.”

Adams is a 13-year veteran with EMS. Rojas has worked there for two years.

Although the attacker is at large, he has been identified by police.