Hillary Campaigns Off Benghazi Hearing, Blames Congress for Lack of Security

Hillary Clinton Campaign Website

WASHINGTON – As Hillary Clinton was getting grilled by lawmakers for her inability to provide adequate security at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, her presidential campaign was stumping off of the hearing.

The Clinton campaign sent an email to supporters at 1:51 PM Eastern Time, during the House Benghazi Committee hearing’s intermission, praising Clinton’s opening statement at the event.

The email hyping her remarks, conveniently, included a link to Clinton’s website, where supporters can add their email address to a mailing list or make a contribution to the campaign.

“Contributions or gifts to Hillary for America are not tax deductible,” according to the Benghazi-themed email.

“Her opening was a powerful and moving reflection on what the purpose of today’s hearing should be,” according to the email, which included excerpts from her opening remarks.

Clinton’s Twitter account, meanwhile, was shifting the blame for the attack to Congress.

Though the late Ambassador Chris Stevens made dozens of appeals to the State Department for more security at the consulate, which Clinton ignored, Clinton’s Twitter account blamed Congress: