Democratic Voters Willing to Give Joe Ganim, Jailed for Corruption, Another Chance as Mayor

AP Photo/Bob Child

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) — Bridgeport voters realize many in Connecticut don’t understand why former Mayor Joe Ganim stands a good chance of winning back his old office.

Even though the Democrat served about seven years in prison for public corruption, many residents still think fondly about Ganim’s 12 years in office.

Resident Nicole Phillips and other voters remember better schools, lower taxes, cleaner parks and safer neighborhoods during Ganim’s tenure and believe he should be given a second chance.

But Ganim’s opponents claim his record is being overstated and misrepresented. They contend the state’s largest city is still suffering from his misdeeds.

Ganim recently won the Democratic primary and now faces six opponents on Nov. 3. He says he still reaps residual good will from minority communities who’ve felt neglected by other mayors.