Hillary Clinton Releases New TV Ads Demonizing Men

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Erich Schlegel/Getty Images

The Hillary Clinton campaign is pushing back against Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate by releasing four TV ads in New Hampshire and Iowa that feature women struggling in some way due to alleged gender pay disparity.

The ads, not content to simply advocate for women, actively demonize males who work at high levels in the private sector.

The ad “Mindy,” featuring a cardiac nurse, inexplicably compares a nurse to a presumably male “top CEO.”

“Mindy will work 179 shifts to earn what the average top CEO makes in a single day” according to the ad, which does not explain why a nurse depicted taking someone’s blood pressure is somehow the victim of injustice because she makes less than someone who runs a major corporation and is responsible for billions of dollars in revenues.

“The top 25 hedge fund managers make more than all the kindergarten teachers in America combined,” another ad states, finding injustice in the fact that people who spend all day in a room with five-year olds and get summers off don’t compete for pay with influential private equity professionals.

Another ad features a female office worker who allegedly has to work two extra hours to get a paycheck equal to her male colleagues.

The ad “Alexis,” at least, features a Caucasian male janitor in the background cleaning up an office, but makes no attempt to advocate for his interests alongside those of the female character in the ad.