No Joke! Brian Williams Leads MSNBC Coverage for Runaway Blimp Story

Brian Williams AP Reporting on Runaway Blimp

As reports of a runaway military blimp filled cable news, MSNBC turned the coverage over to their breaking news reporter Brian Williams.

“Jim, if you had told me on this day of the GOP debate, on this day when Republicans in the House gathering to elect a new Speaker of the House, that we would be covering an aerostat last location at or about the Delaware Memorial bridge headed northbound up the state of either Pennsylvania, Delaware or New jersey, I wouldn’t have believed you,” Williams said on air after speaking to reporter Jim Miklaszewski, the chief Pentagon correspondent for NBC News about the blimp.

Williams was suspended from NBC News after lying about his reporting experiences in order to inflate his personal valor. He was later reassigned to MSNBC News to cover breaking news for the cable network.

“His passion fit exactly with one of our biggest needs,” Mr. Lack, chairman of NBC News and MSNBC, told the New York Times in September. “Brian will be such an important contribution to MSNBC’s page-turn here.”