Exclusive: Chris Christie Raising Money Off New York Times Editorial Demanding Him to Quit


Chris Christie’s campaign is using a New York Times editorial calling for the New Jersey governor to drop out of his presidential race as an excellent opportunity to raise some more money.

“The New York Times is at it again,” a fundraising email from the campaign reads. “While pundits, outlets and voters have praised Christie’s ‘strong’ and ‘articulate’ debate performance, The New York Times couldn’t help being outdone by CNBC and show their true liberal bias.”

Christie also responded to the Times editorial on Twitter.

“Can’t read the article because I don’t have a subscription, but I can tell you this–I am not going anywhere,” he wrote.

Christie has a long history of combatting the New York Times, using it as a badge of honor among Republicans and conservatives.

“I’ll take a deep bow for that … I don’t really care,” Christie explained on Meet the Press when asked about a critical editorial from the newspaper.

During this year’s CPAC, Christie joked that he was “giving up The New York Times for Lent.”

“This is why Governor Christie is tested and ready,” the text of the fundraising email reads. “It’s not the first time he’s dealt with the media and he knows it won’t be the last. As he said this morning, if you weren’t able to take on the moderators of last night’s debate, you have no business being President of the United States.”