Hillary’s Media Attacks Marco Rubio For Calling Her a Liar


Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) followed up a solid debate performance with a Thursday morning interview on CBS News. Hillary Clinton’s media is very, very upset that Rubio called her a liar, and refuses to back down from the charge.

Charlie Rose confronted Rubio over his contention in the debate that the media misreported Clinton’s testimony before the House Benghazi Committee. Rubio had just finished discussing his exchange with Jeb Bush over the former’s Senate attendance record – an attack the media apparently expected to stick, conveniently forgetting their serene acceptance of far worse voting records from the likes of Barack Obama and John Kerry.

When Rubio said he didn’t want to attack anyone during his campaign, Rose snarled: “No, no, you called Hillary Clinton a liar, Senator. You called Hillary Clinton a liar.”

It fell to Rubio to explain to this “news” man that yes, it is a matter of objective and documented fact that Hillary Clinton lied to the American people, and the families of the Benghazi dead, about what happened on the night of September 11, 2012.

It doesn’t matter how much “news” people love Clinton, or how much money they donate to her campaign or “charitable foundation.” It doesn’t matter that Hillary’s fawning supporters think it was an irrelevant lie, or justified in the sacred quest to keep Barack Obama in office. It’s on paper, in black and white, that she knew the truth, but gave it to only her family members and a few important political contacts.

“There is no doubt about that, Charlie,” Rubio explained. “I mean, there are e-mails in which she was talking to her family and she was telling them that there was an attack on that consulate that was due to a terrorist attack by Al Qaeda elements and then she was going around the country talking to the families of the victims, and to the American people and saying, no, no. This is because of some video that someone produced.”

When Rose tried the Clinton talking point that the CIA was somehow confused about the nature of the attack, Rubio shut him down.

“That’s not accurate,” said the Senator, while taking care not to inadvertently disclose any classified intelligence:

It was clear from the very early moments after that attack that it was not a spontaneous uprising. It was a planned attack, well orchestrated by people that brought armaments to that attack that you would never see as part of a spontaneous uprising. And there was never, ever, any evidence that it had anything to do with a video that was produced by some guy out in California. And for them to further that narrative, and continue to do so well after it had become clear that wasn’t the case, is unacceptable. The American people deserve better, and the families of those victims in Benghazi deserve better.

Rose tried to pretend he couldn’t understand why Clinton would lie about the attack, before admitting he knew exactly why – to “help Barack Obama in his re-election campaign.”

“That’s why everyone in the Administration did it,” said Rubio. “The narrative of their campaign at the time, Charlie, was that Al Qaeda was on the run and had been defeated. That was their narrative and this countered that narrative.”

What our liberal media friends can’t bring themselves to admit is that they don’t care if Clinton lied or not. They don’t think it’s important in the grand scheme of things. They could not care less about the insult rendered to the families of the dead – they think it’s absurd to measure the dignity of such people against the towering ambitions of political royalty, with the very fate of the nation hanging in the balance.

So what if Clinton and Obama hid the truth for a few weeks, to get themselves through a tough news cycle?  If anything, the press admires what they see as the Administration’s skill and discipline at manipulating them. They only insist on the full truth in a timely manner from Republicans.

That’s why, as Rubio pointed out in the debate, the Left-media’s action line on the Benghazi hearings is that Hillary had a great day, she emerged “unscathed,” no charges will be filed, the Republicans looked like brutes, etc… while the real story is that positive proof of Clinton’s mendacity was laid out, unchallenged. The media thinks Benghazi is a story about the political careers of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

As Rubio put it, “the Democrats have the ultimate super PAC.  It’s called the mainstream media.”

As for the initial charge that Rubio was hypocritical to say he didn’t want to attack anyone, while calling Hillary Clinton a liar… it’s pretty clear he meant he didn’t want to “attack” his Republican rivals, Mr. Rose. Rubio knows perfectly well his voters aren’t looking to nominate a punching bag who will sit quietly while the Democrat machine beats him to a pulp.