‘Troubled’ Memphis Man Arrested for Alleged Stabbing of 88-Year-Old Woman

Shelby County Sheriff's Office
Shelby County Sheriff's Office
Memphis, TN

A Tennessee man, whom family members called “troubled,” was arrested for the brutal stabbing of an 88-year-old woman, police say.

Police charged Allen Bennett, a 19-year-old from Memphis, TN, with aggravated robbery, especially aggravated burglary, unlawful possession of a weapon, evading arrest, and criminal trespassing after a short manhunt Wednesday.

Bennett was arrested for the attack on Blanche Smith, 88, who was attacked in her home in Frayser.

The elderly woman had exited her home to let her dog out late on Tuesday evening when Bennett allegedly attacked the woman and forced her back into her home. Bennett then reportedly stabbed the woman several times. Smith was stabbed in her face, stomach, and hands.

Police say Bennett then began rummaging through the house for valuables. Eventually, Bennett is said to have stolen the woman’s cell phone and drove off in her car.

Bennett’s own girlfriend alerted police to his likely part in the crime. She called them using the victim’s cell phone that she says she found in Bennett’s possession.

Officers say they spied Bennett driving the victim’s car, but he escaped them. By Wednesday evening, police discovered the woman’s abandoned car.

Bennett was finally captured at 9:30 PM on Wednesday after police cordoned off the area around the abandoned vehicle.

The suspect’s bond was set at $15,000, and he is slated for a Friday court date.

Bennett’s family professed shock that the young man had been involved in the crime.

“It’s sad, though, an eighty something year-old lady. She can’t fend for herself and why even do it?,” Bennett’s cousin Al Childs said.

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