Chris Christie Vows Fight For Police ‘Men And Women in Blue’ Under Fire From Liberals

Gov. Chris Christie talks with a family affected by Superstorm Sandy at a lounge in the New Point Comfort Fire Company on February 4, 2014 in Keansburg, New Jersey. Christie, whose governorship is being threatened by a scandal is facing federal investigation over use of Sandy funds. (Photo by )
Kena Betancur/Getty Images

New Jersey governor Chris Christie is tired of liberals criticizing police officers, so he’s placing a new emphasis of supporting law enforcement as he continues his presidential campaign.

“Let me be very clear … when I get into the Oval Office, the men and women in blue in this country are going to know that they have an advocate for them in the Oval Office that will stand up for enforcing the law – not flouting it,” he said during a speech at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa last Friday.

Christie thundered against liberal critics of police officers on the ground, who were all coming under fire as a result of the executive attention paid toward the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. The Iowa audience responded with heavy applause as Christie delivered his message of support.

“In every major city across this country, we see crime rising. Why? Because we’re instituting liberal law enforcement policies that ties the hands of police officers behind their backs,” Christie said, referring to a crime spike in cities like Chicago and New York City.

Christie also criticized Obama for being “unwilling” to stand up for the law enforcement community who were facing more criticism than ever. He cited comments from FBI director James Comey, who warned of a “chill wind” blowing through the law enforcement community as a result of the protests surrounding the country.

Today, Christie continued his supportive efforts, signing an executive order in establishing November 5 as “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day” in the State of New Jersey. He reminded the audience that the city of Camden actually had a dramatic decrease in crime as a result of improved police work.

“It’s not enough to simply smile and nod at the tremendous work that’s being done by all of you and then to move on,” he said this afternoon in his speech to police officers. “We also want to thank you for putting your lives on the line. We also want to thank you for putting your lives on the line and making a positive difference in the City of Camden.”

Earlier today, Christie criticized Hollywood Director Quentin Tarantino for his anti-cop rhetoric, during an appearance on Fox News.

“If he’s going to apologize it’s too late. It’s just too late because he has a history of this stuff,” Christie said on Fox and Friends this morning. “So the fact is we should be standing behind the people who protect us every day.”