Donald Trump: ‘We Need the Tom Brady of Negotiators’

North Korea blasts Donald Trump's South Korea remarks

On Monday, Donald Trump implied that he woud be the Tom Brady of negotiators.

Trump has touted his ability to get CNBC to cut its debate from three hours to two hours as yet another example of how effective he would be at negotiating on behalf of American workers and America’s national interest.

And in an interview with Fox Sports’s Colin Cowherd, Trump first said that Jeb Bush is a “very low-energy individual” and he didn’t think Sen. Marco “Rubio is going to make it” because “he’s a lightweight.”

“We need very strong people, because our country is being taken away. It’s like candy from a baby, that’s what’s happening to our country. We need strong people. We need the Tom Brady of negotiators,” he said. “And by the way, Tom is somebody who I know, who is such a great guy. But we need the Tom Brady of dealers, because we can’t continue to make horrible, horrible trade deals, stupid deals with Iran where we’re giving them $150 billion. It could’ve been so easy to change. You double-up on the sanctions for a little while. They would have come to the table in three days and they would have given you everything you wanted.”

Trump added that “people are tired of it and I think that’s why I’ve resonated. They’re just tired of it.”

Trump also praised the New England Patriots quarterback as “one of the great athletes” and “one of the few people who ends up doing better under pressure.”

“You’re born with it,” Trump said. “You can’t teach it.”

Trump said Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods in his prime were other athletes who excelled under pressure and said there “aren’t many of them, but when you have ‘em, it’s very special to see.”

“I’ve seen it over the years,” Trump said. “You don’t see it often. It’s very rare.

Brady, who had Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker, said that it would be “great” if Trump won the presidency but has since denied that he was endorsing the GOP frontrunner.