Hillary Clinton Meets with Trayvon Martin’s Family

Washington, D.C.

Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton met with Trayvon Martin’s family and other African American families whose loved ones have died in shootings.

According to CNN, Clinton met with them in a cafe in Chicago, along with far-left Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) to discuss her gun-control plan.

The families of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis were in attendance.

Martin was killed in 2012 during an fight with a Hispanic neighborhood-watch volunteer, George Zimmerman. Davis was killed in 2014 by Michael Dunn after a dispute in a Florida gas station.

The high-profile cases helped spur the creation of the Black Lives Matter movement, a group that says it aims to stop violence against black people. The group has been critical of Clinton and has organized protests against her twice.

The movement most recently protested Clinton during her speech at the historically black college Clark Atlanta University.

The former Secretary of State’s speech was interrupted by protesters who chanted “Black Lives Matter.” Clinton acknowledged the protesters by saying “Yes, black lives do matter.” The group of protesters continued to chant and sing over Clinton.