National Review Responds to Breitbart in Politico: ‘We’re Not a Political Weapon’

Ben Carson
SiriusXM Radio / Maro Hagopian

National Review uses Politico to respond to Dr. Ben Carson’s comments on Breitbart News radio this morning:

National Review editor Rich Lowry is pushing back against accusations from Ben Carson that rival campaigns are using the magazine as a political weapon.

“I admire Ben Carson, but he’s completely wrong about this. Our writer, Jim Geraghty, heard about his connection to Mannatech independently late last year (when, by the way, other campaigns weren’t paying much attention to Carson, let alone dropping oppo on him)” Lowry, also a POLITICO columnist, said in an email.

In an interview with “Breitbart News Daily” on Tuesday, Carson accused an unnamed rival campaign of planting the story of Carson’s connection with the supplement company.

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