Breitbart Primary October Results: Trump Wins; Cruz Surging

donald trump

Businessman Donald Trump won October’s Breitbart Primary voting, marking the third consecutive month that he has taken the top spot in the Breitbart Primary.

Trump won last month’s Breitbart Primary with 35.6% of the vote. 164, 000 people voted in October’s Breitbart Primary. Though Dr. Ben Carson took the lead in several Iowa polls and even a national poll in recent weeks, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) finished second in October’s Breitbart Primary with 22.8%. Carson finished in third with 15.7%.

Here are the results of October’s Breitbart Primary:

1. Donald Trump: 35.6%
2. Ted Cruz: 22.8%
3. Ben Carson: 15.7%
4. Marco Rubio: 5.37%
5. Rand Paul: 4.86%
6. Carly Fiorina: 3.76%
7.Mitt Romney: 2.18%
8. John Kasich: 1.34%
9. Jeb Bush: 1.00%
10. Mike Huckabee: .70%
11. Chris Christie: .51%
12. Rick Santorum: .32%
13. Bobby Jindal: .44%
14. George Pataki: .15%
15. Lindsey Graham: .12%
Undecided: 4.79%

Cruz, who took the lead in slamming the CNBC’s moderators for their biased questioning during the October 28 debate, actually received the most post-debate votes, inching out Trump (31.37% to 31.34%).

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), whom former Florida Governor Jeb Bush may have inadvertently elevated when his attacks regarding Rubio’s missed U.S. Senate votes fell flat during the last debate, moved ahead of Carly Fiorina into fourth with 5.37%. Florina, who was consistently polling in fourth place in Breitbart Primary votes (8% in September’s Breitbart Primary) finished in sixth with 3.76%, trailing Sen. Rand Paul (4.86%) and even “undecided” (4.79%). The former Hewlett-Packard CEO has been losing momentum in the polls in recent weeks.

Former Massachusetts Governor and failed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney (2.18%) actually received more votes than all of the participants in the undercard debate—former New York Governor George Pataki (.15%), Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (.44%), Sen. Lindsey Graham (.12%), and former Sen. Rick Santorum (.32%)—combined, which shows how much these lower-tier candidates are not resonating with the conservative grassroots.

The Breitbart Primary is reset each month, and Breitbart News readers are encouraged to cast their votes in November’s Breitbart Primary here.

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