Bernie Sanders Supporters Selling ‘Bernie’s Briefs’ Underwear Line

Montpelier, VT

Supporters of the self-proclaimed socialist Senator from Vermont and Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders have launched a new line of underwear they are calling “Bernie’s Briefs.”

The line of underwear, one for men and one for women, features a crude drawing of the Senator’s face along with the slogan “Feel the Bern.” The website flogging the undergarments tells supporters that they can now “support briefs, not billionaires.”

“So let’s all be brief. There is one candidate to support and one pair of underwear to buy in this election,” the site concludes.

The new campaign wear seems to have been born from the jokes of comedians Ellen DeGeneres and Larry David, according to The Hill newspaper.

It seems that after Sanders revealed he likes briefs, not boxers on the DeGeneres show, comedian David used the tidbit in an impersonation on Saturday Night Live in which the David/Sanders character says, “I own one pair of underwear, that’s it. Some of these billionaires, they’ve got three, four pairs.”

Sanders reportedly said he thought Larry David’s impersonation was funny and Sanders fans picked up on that, spawning the new line of underwear.

“We’re all from Vermont and we’ve all voted for Bernie a number of times,” said Todd Bailey, one of the creators of the underwear. “And he’s a little bit quirky. People really latch on to the combination of his personality as well as what he stands for.”

Apparently the new line of underclothing has received Bernie’s seal of approval.

In an interview with a Vermont radio station, Sanders said, “It cracks me up, it’s unbelievable, cracks me up. I guess we have Bernie underwear now.”

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