House Passes Speaker Ryan’s Transportation Spending Spree

Paul Ryan  AP PhotoJaquelyn Martin
AP/Jaquelyn Martin

House GOP leaders just passed a new $325 billion transportation bill that requires the federal government to borrow another $85 billion.

Conservative Review shows how House Speaker Paul Ryan’s transportation bill also blocks potential reforms for six years, gives the almost doomed Ex-Im bank a new chance for survival, and was passed by 363 ayes and 64 nays.

“Where will they find the $85 billion in savings?  The same place the found the $112 billion in “offsets” to fund the budget betrayal deal last week… [but] what is most offensive about this bill is that, by reauthorizing federal highway programs for another 6 years instead of 2 or 3 years, this bill will preemptively sabotage the leverage of the next president to force critical policy changes in the system…

Ryan himself claims to oppose Export-Import Bank, but this process clearly shows that he will not deviate from the Washington Cartel, even to push the few ideas he shares with conservatives”

But Ryan’s bill also provides a gusher of cash to every congressional district for the next six years, and that’s always welcomed by legislators.

The bill must soon be reconciled with a Senate transportation bill.

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