Hillary: I Swear, They Were Talking About A Gay Marriage Ban in ‘Private Conversations’


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton doubled down on her assertion that the Right was seeking a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in the 1990s.

Clinton’s husband Bill signed the recently-overturned Defense of Marriage (DOMA) law that defined marriage in heterosexual terms. Clinton said that the bill was meant to prevent a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage altogether. Sen. Bernie Sanders and others have pointed out that there was no such effort at the time. Clinton supported a heterosexual definition of marriage as recently as 2004.

“Well, certainly in thinking back on it those were private conversations that people did have,” Clinton told Rachel Maddow at the Democratic candidate forum in South Carolina Friday. “That was something that came up in private conversations that I had.”

“Look at what happened during the George W. Bush admininistration. It was one of Karl Rove’s methods to put constitutional amendments on state ballots,” Clinton said.

“The important thing is that we are now beyond that,” Clinton said, noting that her husband is now thankful that “marriage equality” is legal courtesy of the Supreme Court.