Rollcall: TPP To be Big Factor in 2016

GettyImages-132454312 TPP

Roll Calls predicts the unpopular Trans-Pacific Partnership will shape the 2016 elections.

“…TPP is likely to be scheduled for an up-or-down vote in 2016. (Congress is not allowed to amend the deal thanks to the way it was negotiated.) And whether the deal is passed or not, it will put all of the incumbents in these races on record supporting or opposing the trade policy.

Many in Congress are still reading the deal and haven’t come out yet with official positions on the final text. But that hasn’t stopped their Democratic challengers from calling on them to oppose the measure…”

Pennsylvania GOP Sen. Patrick Toomey, Ohio GOP Sen. Rob Portman, and Wisconsin GOP Sen. Ron Johnson under under pressure because many voters oppose the deal’s far-reading provisions, even as many of their donors strongly support the deal. The disputed provisions include greater use of foreign professionals inside the United States and greater outsourcing of U.S. government roles to a multinational trans-Pacific trade council.

Meanwhile, Democrats are portraying themselves as opposed to President Barack Obama’s free-trade deal.

In response, the GOP leaders, however, are trying to mute the pressure by suggesting they’ll delay a vote on the treaty until after the election in November 2016.

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