EXCLUSIVE: Reform Group Shows Strategy To Unseat Pro-Amnesty GOP Incumbents

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Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is unveiling a new campaign on Wednesday to challenge establishment-backed, pro-amnesty Republicans in the 2016 primaries.

In 2014, the group did robocalls to help Virginia university professor David Brat achieve his shocking victory over then-Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Brat’s surprise victory killed a secret effort by Rep. Paul Ryan, now the House Speaker, to push a wage-cutting, Democrat-boosting amnesty bill through the House in the summer of 2014.

“The results from last June were no fluke,” said a statement from Zach Werrell, Brat’s former campaign-manager, who is allied with ALIPAC. “My hope is the replicate our success last year in Central Virginia in as many states and congressional districts as possible.”

Earlier this year, ALIPAC released its new “Cantor List,” of incumbent Republicans who openly or quietly support amnesty for the more than 11 million migrants illegally living in the United States.

Werrell, the founder of a new consulting firm, Sic Semper Strategies, will work with many anti-amnesty Republicans who want to race against pro-amnesty establishment candidates.

“GOP challengers who are running can quickly access the kn0w-how that was deployed against Cantor… [this] is unprecedented,” said William Gheen, the founder of ALIPAC.

ALIPAC and Werrell’s new consulting firm will be working in conjunction with the grassroots organization, Overpasses for America.

“We are going to circulate this great news and strategy to all of our Overpasses for America state groups, and ask them to work hard to find GOP challengers for the amnesty-supporting Republicans on the Cantor List” said James Neighbors, president of Overpasses for America. “Then [we will] work to get Zach Werrell and his book into those campaigns.”

Werell’s guidebook for insurgents, titled “How to Bag a RINO.” He co-authored it with Gray Delaney, Dave Brat’s former deputy campaign-manager.

“There is plenty of room for many candidates and other groups to get on board,” Gheen said.

According to ALIPAC’s statement, this grassroots alliance will help counter the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s reported promise to spend $100 million to help establishment Republicans during the 2016 primaries.

“ALIPAC hopes that the Cantor List, Zach Werrell’s new book and consulting firm, and the efforts of grass roots activists in organizations like Overpasses for America can overcome the Chamber’s efforts and make 2016 the year that Americans threw more illegal immigration amnesty supporting Republicans and Democrats out of office than ever before!”