Hillary Clinton Trumps Donald Trump on Social Media Buzz

Milwaukee, WI

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin — Ahead of the GOP presidential primary debate Tuesday night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin hosted by Fox Business, Facebook revealed that Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton has over 10 million interactions on social media – more than any other presidential candidate from either political party.

Hillary Clinton has 10 million more interactions on Facebook than GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, who comes in second.

Interactions include “not only the activity on the candidate’s page, but all of the likes, posts, comments and shares about that candidate from throughout the Facebook ecosystem in the U.S.”

The top five candidates – both Democrat and Republican – in terms of Facebook interactions rank in the following order:

1. Hillary Clinton – 69,392,000 interactions

2. Donald Trump – 56,881,000 interactions

3. Bernie Sanders – 41,051,000 interactions

4. Ben Carson – 29,972,000 interactions

5. Ted Cruz – 13,618,000 interactions

Facebook also found that the most mentioned political topic during the past month has been “government ethics.”

The top five political topics that have been discussed most on Facebook recently are: (1) government ethics, (2) the economy (3) government assistance, (4) religion, and (5) guns.

Facebook collected the data for the rankings from October 9th through November 8th.