Many Missouri Football Players DID NOT Support Boycott

Ralph Webb #7 of the Vanderbilt Commodores dives over the pile for a touchdown against the Missouri Tigers during the first half at Vanderbilt Stadium on October 24, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by
Frederick Breedon/Getty Images
Columbia, MO

While the Social Justice Worriers and mighty clueless Multi-Cultural fascists at the University of Missouri have already gotten their way, it’s worth pointing out a story the mainstream media opted to not play up – a large number of Mizzou football players never supported the boycott that led to the resignation of former university president Tim Wolfe.

“Not everyone agrees with the decision [to stop all football activities],” the player said. “Most people are pissed, including the black guys [on the team].”

Apparently, those players didn’t have a right to be broadly heard through a media perhaps all too eager to foster and fuel the actions of a few at Missou – a few who would, in the end, prove that they don’t even respect the First Amendment rights of others, including the same media abetting them.

Via ESPN: Missouri player says many on team don’t support practice boycott.

A Missouri Tigers player said Sunday night that the entire team is not united over the decision to stop practicing until grad student Jonathan Butler ends his hunger strike.

“As much as we want to say everyone is united, half the team and coaches — black and white — are pissed,” the player, who wished to remain anonymous, told ESPN. “If we were 9-0, this wouldn’t be happening.”

Far from the media myth that liberty, freedom or justice was somehow served by recent events at Mizzou, clearly what exists on campus now is such an oppressive environment, students who don’t agree with the protesters are afraid to speak out for fear of retribution of some kind.

The player, who is white, spoke on the condition of anonymity because coaches told the team not to talk to the media as they thought the situation “would blow over eventually.”

Sadly, the media never seemed interested in telling the full story behind events at Mizzou. Most of the media had a narrative they liked and perhaps wanted and ran with it, leaving the truth buried somewhere along the way with the career of Mizzou’s now ex-president, while a $4 million dollar a year football coach, Gary Pinkel, with a 4-5 record gets to keep his job. Talk about a loser.

The president of the University of Missouri bowed to pressure Monday and stepped down from his position. It was the end of a sometimes ugly pressure campaign which seemed to have only a tangential connection to the actual outrage that started students down this road.