4 out of 5 Military Personnel Want Concealed Carry on Bases

Erich Schlegel/Getty Images
Erich Schlegel/Getty Images

On November 10, a RallyPoint/Rasumussen Reports poll showed that 81 percent of current and retired military personnel want concealed carry on stateside bases so they can defend their lives in the event of an attack.

The push for concealed carry is opposed by only 15 percent of military personnel.

According to Rasmussen, the support for concealed carry “is equally high among all branches of the service.” But “those in the reserves are slightly more supportive of this proposal than those on full-time active duty or who are retired.”

Military members under the age of 30 are the strongest proponents of concealed carry, with enlistees supporting concealed carry on base more strongly that officers support it. If we break the demographic down by gender, men are stronger proponents than women. Yet it should be noted that, although one demographic supports it more than another, there are “sizable majorities across virtually every demographic category [that] think it’s a good idea to allow military personnel with qualified concealed carry permits to carry weapons on bases in this country.”

The poll’s margin of error is +/- 3 percent.

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