DC Police Arrest Twerking Woman Who Harassed Male at Gas Station

DC Police Department

Washington, D.C. officers arrested one of two women caught on camera twerking on a customer in a convenience store. Police opened a third-degree sexual abuse case.

The police captured Ayanna Marie Knight, 22, after the department released images from the camera. They charged her with third-degree sexual abuse. The second woman is still on the loose.

The women caught a male customer off-guard when one twerked up against him and the other grabbed his privates. He kept walking away, but the women followed and continued to harass him.

He told FOX5 he did not know what to do, especially since he thought the men outside the gas station may have been their pimps:

You don’t know who these people are. I was afraid of my safety. Like I said, I thought they were either transvestites, or women, or men dressed like women.

And then, when I had the idea that they were women, I thought they would have a pimp who was pushing them to be prostitutes who could have been outside with one of the gentlemen that were out there watching and witnessing, could have been with guns to come and shoot me. I did not want to be shot that day.

The police asked anyone with information to call them at 202-727-9099.