On Veterans Day, Obama Admits He Hasn’t Fixed Veterans Affairs Problems

President Obama lays a wreath on Veteran's Day 2015.

President Obama is admitting that the problems at the Department of Veterans Affairs aren’t fixed on his watch. But during a ceremony for Veterans’ Day, he promised to keep working to improve services.

“Our tributes today will ring hollow if we do not ensure that our veterans receive the care that you have earned and that you deserve,” Obama said during a speech.

As part of presidential tradition, Obama traveled to the Arlington Cemetery to lay a wreath at Tomb of Unknown Soldier.

He described the recent scandals in the Veterans Affairs administration as “unacceptable,” even though very few of the officials involved have been fired.

“Still the unacceptable problems that we’ve seen, like long wait times and some veterans not getting the timely care that they need is a challenge for all of us if we are to match our words with deeds,” he said.

Obama vowed continued reforms and increased spending in the Veterans Affairs Department.

“My message to every single veteran, to veterans all across the country, is I am still not satisfied,” he said. “We are not going to let up.”