Chicago Woman: Refuse Sex With Black Men ‘Til They’re Serious About Gun Crime

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South side Chicago’s April Lawson sees gun crime thriving in black communities around her and has launched a petition calling on women to abstain from sex with black men until they “create a strategy to keep the peace in our neighborhoods.”

According to ABC 7, Lawson was motivated to start the petition after watching the trailer to Spike Lee’s “Chi-Raq”–a film that examines Chicago gun crime by comparing it to gun crime in Iraq. She heard a character in that trailer say, “We’re going to make sure these fools put down these guns.”

Lawson said, “You’re watching these guys just like buying gym shoes and carrying on like life is normal. Then I saw the trailer to ‘Chi-Raq’.” She said after seeing the trailer she “[vowed] to stay celibate until black men organize and create a strategy to keep the peace in our neighborhoods.”

She indicated that celibacy in this cause is a way of “silent protest,” adding, “If you decide to silently protest, it might get them to think.”

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