Detroit Teacher, Student Fight in Class

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A fight between teacher Ms. Burns and seventh-grader Diamonique Singleton broke out in the middle of class at a Detroit school. The school suspended Singleton after the incident.

Singleton told FOX2 Detroit the fight lasted “a couple of seconds.”

Burns was upset when students threw paper. When she told them to stop, a student called her a b***h. Burns thought Singleton uttered the word, since she laughed.

“That’s when she got in front of me,” Singleton said, “saying I’m a ‘b,’ and she started calling me ‘b,’ and I said, ‘No, I didn’t even say that.’ She was like, ‘OK, b, you got me f’d up.'”

The student claims “she tried to walk away,” but Burns would not stop.

“I pushed her hand again; then, she pushed me,” continued Singleton. “I pushed her back, and we started fighting.”