Another Establishment Billionaire Throws Weight Behind Marco Rubio

Frank VanderSloot (L) and Marco Rubio AP Photos
AP Photos

One of Mitt Romney’s major donors in the 2012 election, Frank VanderSloot, announced he will be donating to Sen. Marco Rubio, according to a report from CNN.

The Idaho billionaire said his team did a 10-month evaluation of the Florida senator and found Rubio to be the best candidate. VanderSloot called Cruz and Trump, who are leading in the polls, unelectable and that Trump “would make a particularly poor president.”

VanderSloot said that he will not just give personal money to Rubio; he will also help bundle money from other donors. The billionaire said in the interview that most of his friends originally liked Former Gov. Jeb Bush, but that they’re interested in Rubio.

“In our opinion, Marco Rubio far exceeds the other candidates as meeting our requirements to be the best president, and he, importantly, is by far the most electable,” said VanderSloot in a letter given to the media and other donors.

VanderSloot also warned Republican donors who haven’t chosen a candidate to support that it’s a “dangerous strategy” and said he likes Rubio for his immigration plan.

“I believe that Marco Rubio has the right approach to immigration,” VanderSloot said. “I know a lot of Hispanic people, I mean a lot of them … I’ve talked to people and heard their stories, people who are not documented and what they’re looking for, and honestly they love America.”