The Daily Beast: Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle — 2016’s Angry Populist Enforcer


From Lloyd Grove writing at the Daily Beast:’s Washington political editor is an anti-establishment zealot, whose support even the Donald craves. How did Matthew Boyle gain such power in the presidential race?

Matthew Boyle—the recently named Washington political editor of, the right-wing populist news site founded by the late controversialist Andrew Breitbart—will never be mistaken for a slick Beltway insider.

Yet in just a few short years, the 28-year-old Boyle—pudgy, rumpled, and baby-faced, possessed of a manic energy fueled by Marlboro Lights and Mountain Dew—has leveraged his Stakhanovite zeal and pugnacious reporting style, described by operatives and competitors alike as bullying and relentless if occasionally misguided, to become a gravitational force in the Republican cosmos.

“You’ve got a political elite, but also a financial elite and a cultural elite out in Hollywood, and you have to be aggressive with these people to get answers out of them,” he tells me over lunch at Bistro Bis on Capitol Hill, just the sort of expense-account Washington watering hole where Boyle is an alien presence.

Breitbart News’s Machiavellian publicist, former GOP congressional aide Kurt Bardella, has chosen the upscale venue for our meeting.

“It’s not like it’s fun for me,” Boyle continues concerning his combative M.O. “I’d much rather not have to do this. But I feel like to get information from people who don’t give it out, you have to be a little bit rough-and-tumble with them.”

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