Hillary Clinton Aghast GOP Rejecting Gun Control Post-Paris Attack

Hillary aghast WH Photo
White House Photo

On November 20 Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton expressed astonishment that Republicans in the House and Senate oppose more gun control following terror attacks in Paris, France.

She was specifically referencing the Republican’s refusal to expand background checks to include the same no-fly list that once inadvertently contained Senator Ted Kennedy’s name. It is the same list which the Huffington Post described as being so imprecise that an individual can end up on it by simply being “unlucky.”

Yet according to CNN, Clinton said:

Leaders in the House and Senate won’t even allow a vote on whether we should prevent people on the no-fly list from buying guns, including possible terrorists. It is just beyond one’s imagination; these are people too dangerous to be let on airplanes but Congress won’t stop them from getting guns. It is just something that makes no sense.

Clinton’s statement came two days after the NY Daily News criticized the NRA for its opposition to adding the no-fly list to background checks and just two days before ABC’s George Stephanopoulos peppered Donald Trump and Ben Carson with questions to make the same point. Former Obama advisor David Axelrod joined the fray on Sunday as well, accusing the “Republican caucus” of fearing the NRA more than they fear ISIS.

Then, on Monday, White House press secretary Josh Earnest picked up the same narrative and said:

Members of Congress are prepared to allow those individuals who are already in the United States and are suspected of having links to terrorism of going and purchasing a firearm. I think that is a pretty clear indication that Republicans in Congress are more interested in playing politics and more scared of the NRA than they are concerned about doing the right thing for our national security.

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