Marco Rubio: The Islamic State Needs to Be Defeated Now

Marco Rubio
The Associated Press

In a Today Show interview that aired Thursday morning, presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio emphatically stated that he would do whatever was necessary to defeat Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) terrorists, signaling urgency to do so as soon as possible.

Rubio called for a coalition of up to 30,000 Sunni Arabs with enough special operations soldiers to support them. He was hesitant to signal an official number, but said that it would be more than 50.

“They need to be defeated now, not later. It’s going to be harder and more expensive to do it later,” he said. “Militarily, ISIS is defeatable. They are not invincible.”

Rubio insisted that the United States was already at war with ISIS, and that if he is elected president, he will pursue an official declaration of war through Congress.