Marco Rubio’s Dubious Climate Change Connections and History of Flip-Flopping

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Martin, FL

Today on Breitbart News Daily, Florida caller Cindy wanted to know why Sen. Marco Rubio appointed Miami Dade County Clerk Harvey Ruvin to Miami’s Climate Change Advisory Task Force (CCATF).

She says she’s repeatedly tried to get answers from Rubio about whether he knew Ruvin’s pro-Globalist thinking when the clerk was appointed. But Cindy has expressed disappointment in the past about Rubio’s refusal to answer questions from her Tea Party group that, despite the mythology, she insists, did not fight to get him elected.

He was one of the only candidates who failed to meet meet with the conservative group when he was first ran for the U.S. Senate.

A bit more about Rubio appointee Ruvin here:

Served as a member of President Clinton’s Sustainable Communities Task Force of the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD). Delegate to the United Nations World Congress for a Sustainable Future, representing America’s Counties at the first-ever international effort to coordinate local governments’ environmental initiatives. Vice Chairman, Executive Committee of ICLEI which is the 15 member governing body of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). ICLEI has been designated to represent local government at all United Nations’ meetings dealing with the environment and sustainability. Elected unanimously by the Florida Clerk’s to serve on the Florida Clerk of Court’s Operational Conference to review and approve the annual budgets for all 67 Clerks in Florida. Currently chairs the County’s Climate Change Advisory Task Force (CCATF) Twice chairman of the South Florida Regional Planning Council (Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties).

The Tampa Bay Times took Rubio to task on a similar issue in 2009, also linking him to Harvey Ruvin: Rubio now assails cap-and-trade plan, though he earlier backed legislation

By 2008, as Crist’s poll ratings held strong, Rubio called a federal cap-and-trade system “inevitable” and said Florida should be at the forefront. He hired a leading climate change expert from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to advise lawmakers and appointed Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts Harvey Ruvin — who sounded the alarm on climate change years ago — to a statewide energy board.

“The legislation was passed to move forward on cap-and-trade policy, and certainly Marco Rubio didn’t stand in the way of that legislation passing and my understanding was that he was supportive of the process,” said John Reilly, the MIT expert. “He certainly seemed to accept the science of climate change.”

Against the backdrop of the climate change summit in Denmark this week, U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio is hammering rival Charlie Crist’s “cap-and-trade scheme” — though he voted for a bill backed by the governor requiring state officials to devise such a plan.

As the leader of the Florida House in 2008, Rubio presided over a unanimous vote in favor of directing the state Department of Environmental Protection to develop ground rules for companies to limit their carbon emissions.

Now he’s questioning whether global warming is man-made.

“Rubio is a total flip-flopper,” said Gerald Karnas, Florida director of the Environmental Defense Fund. “Under his leadership, progressive energy legislation passed the House.”

Still others have taken to social media to suggest there was a “land grab” involved. See here and here: Rubio and Ruvin: Land Grab in Florida!

Rubio also appointed Harvey Ruvin, vice chair of ICLIE an UN organization, now Miami Dade clerk of courts who stated, “Private property rights will have to take a back seat for the good of the collective.” Hundred of people lost their property in Miami Dade. When the people begged for help, Rubio was no where to be found.

Cindy, a member of the Tea Party rank and file and GOP base with the Martin 9/12 Tea Party Committee, also expressed her long-held frustration with a GOP that talks tough on fighting the Global Warming lobby, yet always manages to go along. She cited efforts going back to George H. Bush in 1993 when he pledged to adopt U.N. Agenda 21 at that year’s Earth Summit. She also mentioned fighting the 750 regional plan locally, which is branded differently in various areas and stems from that original agreement.

It’s agreements like the one signed by Bush and functionaries like this one appointed by Rubio now driving the globalist climate agenda “under the table” at the local level across the states and the national GOP refuses to discuss it candidly, Cindy says. The call can be heard below.