Fiorina PAC Launches Million-Dollar TV and Radio Campaign

Republican Presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina speaks during the 2016 Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Candidates Forum in Washington, DC, December 3, 2015. AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB
Ssul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

The Super PAC supporting Carly Fiorina for president says it’s launching a million-dollar TV and radio campaign in New Hampshire and Boston.

The CARLY for America ad spotlights the number of years that the other Republican presidential candidates have been in office, calling them “placeholders” and Carly Fiorina an “outsider.”

“For decades we have given the career politicians a chance; now it’s time for citizens to take our government back. Carly is a proven conservative leader with a bold and specific blueprint to do just that,” said Stephen DeMaura, Executive Director of CARLY for America, in a statement.

“Washington is broken and it won’t be fixed by candidates that have spent most of their adult lives in government. Carly will challenge the entrenched interests and break the status quo of Washington,”

Although Fiorina has had successful debate performances, she still continues to suffer in the polls with voters. The recent CNN/ORC poll  has Fiorina with only 3 percent of support from Republican and independent voters. The most recent New Hampshire poll, where Carly’s ads will be running, have her at 5 percent.

The advertisements will run from Dec. 4 through Dec.11. The TV advertisement buy is $846,750 and the radio buy is $177,747.