Iowa College Targets Trump Campaign Staffer’s Tenured Professor Status

Donald Trump
The Associated Press

Donald Trump’s national co-chair and senior policy advisor, Dr. Sam Clovis, is facing backlash from his employer, Morningside College, over his involvement in a political campaign that seeks to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country.

Clovis is an economics professor at Morningside College and popular conservative in Iowa. He requested, and was granted, a leave of absence from the liberal arts college in order to work on the campaign. However, his teaching job is in question after Donald Trump called for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Iowa Starting Line blog reached out to Morningside College to ask if Clovis’ work on a campaign that wants to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States conflicts with Morningside College.

“Very much so,” said Rick Wollman, the Vice President of Communications and Marketing at Morningside College.

“This is not the Sam Clovis that we knew when he was here. Sam was a staunch defender of the Constitution and a strong advocate for religious freedom. If he played a role in drafting or advising the Trump campaign on this issue, we will be outraged and extremely disappointed in Dr. Clovis.”

Wollman added that, “he is a tenured member of our faculty at this time and, prior to looking at this issue more closely, he could come back.”

“However, the college will be studying this issue more closely in the weeks ahead.”

Clovis previously worked on the presidential campaign of Rick Perry, but joined Donald Trump’s campaign in August.

Morningside College did not return request for comment from Breitbart News.