EXCLUSIVE–NRA: Hillary Clinton ‘Can’t Be Trusted To Tell The Truth’ On Guns


The National Rifle Association (NRA) tells Breitbart News that Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has an “inability to tell the truth” regarding the fact that Americans reject gun control.

The comments came the day after Clinton told Late Night host Seth Meyers that the American people want more gun control–including lawsuits against gun manufacturers–and that the NRA is using scare tactics to keep the American people from pushing Congress to pursue more controls.

NRA director of public affairs Jennifer Baker tells Breitbart News:

Hillary Clinton’s  inability to tell the truth aside,  it must be extremely frustrating for her to admit the facts, which are that the most recent polling shows the majority of Americans oppose more gun control and that the National Rifle Association is viewed more favorably than both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  A poll released on Tuesday, December 8, shows that  61% of Americans  believe the gun policies of the National Rifle Association make all Americans safer, so she might want to reconsider her current campaign dedicated to attacking the NRA and assailing law-abiding citizens’ constitutional right to self-protection.

The December 8 poll cited by Baker is from Rasmussen Reports.

It shows that 61 percent of “American Adults’ answered in the affirmative when asked, “Does The NRA Make America Safer?” That same poll also betrayed the fact that Americans don’t actually believe more gun control will make them safer. Rather, it will simply make it harder for them to get the guns they need to defend themselves.

And Breitbart News previously reported on an October 22 Gallup Poll showing the NRA led by double digits when their favorable rating was contrasted with an aggregation of polls showing Clinton’s favorable rating.

Baker summarized the polling thus: “The simple fact is that  majority Americans oppose Hillary Clinton’s gun-control agenda and they know she can’t be trusted to tell the truth on any issue.”

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