GOP Sellout Ana Navarro Still in ‘Denial Stage of Grief’ over Potential Trump Nomination

Ana Navarro GOP Sellout

Just hours after Breitbart News’s John Hayward published his piece on how the GOP establishment is working through the seven stages of grief over a potential Donald Trump nomination on Thursday, GOP sellout Ana Navarro said she was still in the “denial stage.”

On CNN’s The Lead, Navarro said she still “cannot get myself to believe that Donald Trump is going” to win the nomination and was in the “denial stage of grief, and I’m going to stay here until poll results prove differently.”

She may have to wait for quite some time as Trump has widened his lead in numerous state and national polls after proposing a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States—much to the chagrin and shock of the mainstream media and those in the insular political establishment like Navarro.

Navarro, who has spent years trashing some of the GOP’s brightest conservatives and vowed to lead the “Dump Trump” movement, added that she had a “great deal of concern” that Trump may actually win the nomination and lamented the Trump is causing “great harm” to the GOP brand. She also conceded that the establishment must be careful about attacking Trump because “it almost helps him” because “you see his numbers rise.”

Democrat Steve McMahon even suggested that underperforming candidates—including Navarro’s beloved Jeb Bush(!)—drop out of the race so the establishment can coalesce around one challenger who can more effectively take on Trump.