Americans Reject Obama’s Handling of Terror, But 34% Embrace It

Tashfeen Malik, Syed Farook
U.S. Customs and Border Protection via AP

Now that the leftwing Washington Post has set a standard to separate those you disagree with from Americans, how can anyone possibly count as Americans those 34% who are satisfied with Barack Obama’s handling of terrorism. The Americans who have heard of San Bernardino disapprove by 66%.

The only good news for Obama in this poll is that it was taken before America learned that had the Obama Administration looked at the Facebook account of the female San Bernardino terrorist prior to okaying her visa, they would have known she was an ISIS fangirl.

I’m no fan of Trump’s temporary ban on Muslims, but if the choice is between that and a corrupt government unwilling to look at the Facebook accounts of incoming immigrants, that’s the biggest no-brainer in history.

Americans (70%) believe Obama’s put the country on the wrong track, 20% disagree.

Obama’s approval rating has hit its lowest point this year. Only 43% think the president is doing a good job overall, while 51% disagree.


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