Breitbart News Daily Audience Lights Up SiriusXM with CNN Debate Questions

John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul
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Ahead of 2015’s final GOP debate (hosted by CNN), the Breitbart News Daily audience lit up the call boards as executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon asked listeners what questions they want to hear asked of the GOP candidates.

Most questions concerned the Constitution, righting the wrongs the Obama administration inflicted on the nation, and halting immigration until citizens — especially veterans — were back on their feet.

Radical Islam was a worry, but callers focused on reining in the government, uplifting other Americans struggling in difficult economic times,  and to press the restart button after seven years under Obama. Uncontrolled, mass immigration and the terror threats it brings alarmed the audience and they sought assurance that the GOP candidates would bring immigration firmly under control. A record 94,610,000 Americans are not in the labor force — while both parties push to admit tens of thousands of Muslim refugees and ignore the 11 to 30 million illegal aliens contributing to a crime wave across the U.S.

Currently, billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump leads his nearest rival by 27 percentage points. Monmouth University released a national poll showing Trump is supported by 41 percent of GOP voters, Sen. Ted Cruz at 14 percent, Sen. Marco Rubio at 10, and establishment pick Jeb Bush at a mere three percent.

The primetime debate airs at 8:30 PM EST.

The War Against Radical Islam

Scott in Florida – What does victory in the war over radical Islam look like?

Matthew in Ann Arbor – How will you investigate radical religious figures?


Dan in St. Louis – Why spend money on immigrants instead of veterans?

A.J. in Wisconsin – Is it moral to tax US citizens to help non-citizens?

Don in Detroit – Why does the government want to bring in so many foreigners?

Noel in Texas – How would they secure the border… Both northern and southern?

Walt in Ohio – How will they stop illegal alien voter fraud?

Ethan in Texas – Who is more important: citizens or refugees?

Mel in Florida – How would they stop the invasion of illegals?

Joe in New York – How would the candidates actually support moderate Muslims?

Mary in Ohio – I’d ask Rubio why he supports amnesty and the Gang of Eight bill.

Brad in Michigan – Will the incoming refugees be put on a watch list?

Economy and the Environment

Peter in Ohio – How will they support American energy?

Rebecca in Arizona – What will candidates to stop devaluing the U.S. dollar?

Anthony in Illinois – How will candidates actually end waste, fraud, and abuse?

Randy in Michigan – Where do the candidates stand on environmentalism?

The Constitution

Mike in Missouri – Will you clean house and get rid of Obama appointments?

Jerry in Pennsylvania – How do we restore powers as they’re written in constitution/convention of states?

Heather in Tennessee – What is their view of the Constitution?

Kevin in Pennsylvania – How do we return to separation of powers?

John in Florida – Will they return to the original separation of powers?

Jerry in Illinois – The candidates need to introduce shorter legislation and bills.

Eddie in North Carolina – Would the candidates support a convention of states?

Jason in Kentucky – How would candidates return us to our Constitutional principles?

Mark in Illinois – How will they uphold the Bill of Rights?

John in Texas – Will the candidates follow the Constitution?

Bill in Florida – How will they actually shrink the size of government?

Krissy in Ohio – How will return to the values of our forefathers?

Foreign Policy and National Security

Austin in Tennessee – How would you deal with the situation in Syria?

David in California – How will they protect us from a possible cyber attack?

Nathan in Tulsa – How will they deal with China?

Jeff in Georgia – Can they get the US to withdraw from the UN?


Carlos in Texas – Would Marco Rubio actually win the election?

Aaron in Atlanta – How would you strengthen U.S. sovereignty?

Tony in Georgia – How will you protect America from terrorism?

Melody in Tennessee – How would candidates change our education system?

Jeff in Arizona – How will you streamline the Veterans Administration?

Paul in Reno – How will they personally hold themselves accountable if they fail?

David in New Orleans – Will the candidates actually hold themselves accountable to the same laws private citizens are held up to?

Chuck in Idaho – Will the candidates get rid of lobbyists?

Ron in California – Will they actually prosecute federal figures that committed crimes?

Lou in Canada – How will they expose Hillary Clinton?

Ray in Oregon – How would they stop Obama’s fundamental transformation?

Mike in Michigan – Will they arrest President Obama for treason?

Peter in Reading, Pennsylvania – How do you get millennials excited about conservatism?

Scott in Texas – If Trump is elected, will he sell off his businesses?

Marcus in New York City – Will the candidates actually act ethically?