Palin: Fiorina, Rubio Should Reveal Why It Took So Long to Pay Off Campaign/Personal Debts

Rubio Fiorina AP

On Tuesday before CNN’s GOP presidential debate in Las Vegas, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin implied that Carly Fiorina and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) should answer why it took so long to respectively pay off their campaign and personal debts.

On CNN’s The Lead, Palin said, “I hope one candidate will ask the other candidates, for instance, ‘hey what took you so long to pay off your own personal debts when you’re loaded? Why did it take you years to pay off your campaign debts when you’re loaded?’”

“You can’t even manage your own wallet, but you want to manage the rest of our dollars?” she asked.

Palin said issues like that will reveal the character of the candidates and mentioned that average Americans work “our butts off” to not be in debt so the “burden is not left to our children and grandchildren.”

Host Jake Tapper noted that campaign debt comments was a reference to Fiorina, who, as the Washington Post reported,” took years for Fiorina to settle about $500,000 worth of invoices after she lost the [2012 Senate] race in California — despite reimbursing herself nearly $1.3 million she lent the campaign.” When Tapper asked Palin if she was referring to Rubio with her “personal debts” comment,  she said “there’s probably a few of them.”

Palin added that she had a hard time trusting those who could not manage their wallets with getting the country out of debt.