Another Mexican Cartel Hitman Has No Regrets over His Victims

hit man
(AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills)

A Mexican cartel hit man has killed and disposed of the bodies of more than 30 individuals in that country and he is not sorry. The hit man’s logic is that the victim’s were in fact evil who would hurt innocents and the government would not do anything to protect them.

The interview with that hit man was carried out by the AP’s Eduardo Castillo in the Mexican state of Guerrero. That Mexican state is home to the resort city of Acapulco and it is also the same place where, as reported by Breitbart Texas, 43 education students from the town of Ayotzinapa were kidnapped by police and turned over to cartel members.

In that controversial case, the Mexican government claims that cartel members killed and incinerated the students, however scientist have since come forward disputing the evidence. The hit man interviewed by the AP is not tied to the case of the 43 students. The man is identified as a resident of Guerrero who raises cattle while working for an unidentified cartel. The hit man told the AP that he has killed more than 30 individuals but that he does not kill women or children.

The cartel assassin walked the AP reporter along the steps in his trade which include kidnapping the target and taking him to a remote place. Once there, the victim is tortured in order to gather information. Despite not having formal training in interrogations, the hit-man said that only three times he has been given the wrong information by a victim looking to end a torture session.

With time, you come to learn how to hurt people, to get the information you need,” the man told Castillo.

Once the gunman has the information the victim is then shot and the body buried.

“Whatever you want to say, you’re hurting someone and in the end, you kill them, and that leaves people hurting, the family hurting,” he said. “It’s the kind of thing that causes stress and remorse, because it’s not a good thing.”

Despite that apparent glimpse of remorse, the AP story then quotes the hit man as saying that over time he forgets.

The actions of the hit man and the case of the 43 students serve as a grim reminder of the conditions that continue to take place in Mexico where cartel violence continues as drug cartels continue to fight for lucrative drug production and distribution territories nationwide.

Similarly the case of the 43 students and the at least 30 victims of the cartel hit man are tied by one particular word, “disappeared.” The term is similar to a missing person’s case in America but in Mexico it is used to describe cases where the victim was kidnapped but a body has never been found. That term is used by Mexican officials as a technicality in order to avoid having to confirm a much higher death toll.

As previously reported by Breitbart Texas, in the border city of Reynosa, city officials often minimize their crime statistics or simply not make them available. However as properly reported missing person’s cases  surpassed the 800 marker, the border state of Tamaulipas had to start an a task force aimed at finding answers.

It is in the border city of Reynosa, that just last month Breitbart Texas’ Cartel Chronicles spoke with a man who used be a hit man for the Gulf Cartel while he was a prisoner at a state prison. Known as Betillo, the Gulf Cartel hit man went from being a local car thief to a prison enforcer. As a prison enforcer, he handled interrogations and executions, Betillo claimed to have killed about 35 people.

Much like the hit man that the AP interviewed, Betillo displayed a lack of remorse about murdering a large number of people.

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