HuffPo: Sheriffs Feed Islamophobia by Asking Citizens to Arm Themselves Against Terrorism

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On December 16, the Huffington Post responded to sheriffs’ requests that citizens arm themselves to fight terrorism by suggesting the requests feed Islamophobia and make Muslim-Americans uncomfortable.

Breitbart News previously reported that Sheriff Paul Babeu (Pinal County, AZ), Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Maricopa County, AZ), Police Chief Randy Kennedy (Hughes Springs, TX), Sheriff David Cole (Steuben County, NY,), Sheriff Michael A. Helmig (Boone County, KY), Sheriff Paul J. Van Blarcum (Ulster County, NY), and Sheriff Wayne Ivey (Brevard County, FL), responded to the San Bernardino terror attacks by calling for concealed carry permit holders in their counties and towns to carry a gun daily as a way of fighting terrorism.

HuffPo interviewed Muslim Advocates’ staff attorney Madihha Ahussain, who said calls for citizens to arm themselves are “part of a disturbing trend” among law enforcement. Ahussain said, “In a time of increasing hate crimes, it is troubling to hear law enforcement suggest that people arm themselves to protect themselves from their fellow Americans.”

He believes such calls are “creating a dangerous environment for American Muslims and even perhaps giving tacit approval to attack members of their community.”

Islamic Association of North Texas attorney and spokesman Khalid Hamideh said, “We are very concerned over the strong and offensive rhetoric coming from some politicians and some media outlets because these inflammatory words has real-life consequences on the ground for us.”

The HuffPo suggested American’s fear of terrorism is exaggerated, saying, “While the threat of terrorism looms large for many Americans, the odds of an American dying in a terrorist attack carried out by a perpetrator espousing any political ideology, whether overseas or at home, is extraordinarily low. The average American is more likely to be crushed to death or other piece of furniture than to be killed by a terrorist.”

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