As Democrats Push ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban, Americans Push Back

Colt AR-15, now legal with a bayonet mount, flash suppressor, collapsible stock and a high capacity magazine that holds more than 30 rounds, sits on the counter of Dave's Guns September 13, 2004 in Denver, Colorado.
Thomas Cooper/Getty Images

House Democrats pushed an “assault weapons” ban on December 16 that included a prohibition against the manufacture of such weapons, and on that very day, an ABC News/Washington Post poll showed that the American people were pushing back and doing so in greater numbers than ever before.

In fact, the ABC News/WaPo poll showed that opposition to an “assault weapons” ban sits at 53 percent, the highest percentage of opposition ever to such a ban. Support for an “assault weapons” ban was at 80 percent in 1994–amid the Democrats’ successful demagoguery of black guns with cosmetic features like collapsible stocks and detachable magazines–but that support has now fallen to 45 percent.

Moreover, a recent Pew poll showed that the American people support Republicans over Democrats by a margin of 43 to 37 when it comes to guns in general.

These revelations of American opposition to gun control could not have been more timely, as they came just as the Democrats began pushing another federal “assault weapons” ban. According to The Hill, David Cicilline (D-RI) was joined by 90 other House Democrats who supported not simply banning the manufacture of AR-15s and other popular semiautomatic rifles, but also placing new regulations on extant ARs and other rifles.

Americans have been responding to the San Bernardino attacks by flooding gun stores and buying up every AR-15 they can find. Democrats have responded by seeking to make it illegal to manufacture the guns Americans want.

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