WaPo: Voters on Rubio–‘Don’t Know Exactly Where He Stands’

Marco Rubio Holds Las Vegas Campaign Rally One Day Before GOP Debate
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

State Rep. Rio Tilton is “99.9” percent certain he’s going to vote for Marco Rubio. He’s far less sure where Rubio stands on abortion.

Does Rubio, like Tilton, 19, oppose abortions but favor exceptions, such as when a pregnancy results from rape?

“I should hope so,” Tilton said after braving the cold late last month to see the Florida senator campaign in a barn here. “I don’t know, exactly.”

After contemplating it, he added: “Now I’m going to think about looking into that.”

Rubio opposes abortion. But he has supported legislation with and without rape and incest exceptions, putting him on both sides of a heated sub-debate. His oft-stated goal is broad: reduce the number of abortions.