Wisconsin Woman Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Pass off Dog Food as Heroin

Plymouth, WI

A Wisconsin woman has been hit with felony charges after allegedly trying to pass off dog food as heroin, authorities said Friday.

Megan Meyer, 22, was apprehended in Plymouth, Wisconsin, after an informant told police that she was looking for someone to buy an unknown quantity of Percocet and heroin. According to Fox 6 Meyers told the informant “she needed to get the items out of her residence since her probation agent would be doing a home visit.”

Meyer initially said that the cost for the Percocet would be $35, but then raised the price to $50. She also offered to sell him an unknown amount of “boy,” a street name for heroin.

The criminal complaint says that the informant then met with the young woman on November 18 and bought from her a plastic bag containing “a folded-up piece of aluminum foil and a yellow round pill with no visible markings.”

Police tested the material without finding the illegal drugs.

But, police charge that a month later they interviewed the woman and she admitted she “sold fake stuff” to someone to “get even” with him for stealing a car seat from her car.

Meyer further admitted that she “crushed up the dog food to look like heroin and gave him or her an aspirin to look like Percocet.”

Despite the ruse, prosecutors say she broke the law by acting as if she intended to sell illegal drugs.

Police also found numerous items connected with drug use in her automobile.

Meyer was charged with two felony counts of imitation of a controlled substance as well as felony bail jumping. She faces $10,000 in fines and with added penalties for repeat offending faces up to twelve years in prison if convicted.

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