Marco Rubio Blasts Washington Post For ‘Disgusting’ Ted Cruz Cartoon


Although Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Ted Cruz are hammering away at each other on issues of immigration and foreign policy, the Florida senator joined his colleague in condemning the now infamous Washington Post cartoon of the Texas Senator and his children.

“Washington Post cartoon featuring Ted Cruz’s children is disgusting,” Rubio wrote on Twitter. “The Post saying the kids are ‘fair game’ is even worse.”

The cartoonist Ann Telnaes argued that since Cruz featured his children in a campaign video they were “fair game” for parody.

Washington Post editor Fred Hiatt pulled the cartoon, asserting that while he understood why Telnaes thought the cartoon was justified, he did not agree with her reasoning.

Cruz isn’t the first political candidate to feature a behind the scenes video with his children. In 2009, Rubio’s senate campaign featured their own video of the Rubio family around Christmastime.

The Rubios also released their own family Christmas card this morning.

“This time of year isn’t just about family — it’s about celebrating the greatest gift humanity ever received: the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ,” Rubio said in an email to supporters. “I often say that the most important job I’ll ever have is to be a father, and the most important part of that, really, is to teach my kids about the gifts of our faith.”