MSM Fail: Washington Post Pulls Cartoon of Cruz Daughters As Monkeys

Ann Telnaes / Washington Post

The amazing debacle of the Washington Post’s outrageous publication of a cartoon depicting Senator Ted Cruz’s children as trained monkeys ended with the cartoon being yanked, with one of the most amazing editorial notes ever printed:

Editor’s note from Fred Hiatt: It’s generally been the policy of our editorial section to leave children out of it. I failed to look at this cartoon before it was published. I understand why Ann thought an exception to the policy was warranted in this case, but I do not agree.

“Ann” is a reference to cartoonist Ann Telnaes, whose continued employment would make even more of a mockery of the Post’s editorial team than this sorry incident already has.

At this point, they’ve transitioned from insulting the Cruz family to insulting their own readers, because they clearly think their audience is stupid. There is no way Telnaes’ disgusting cartoon went live without editors signing off on it.

And no one with a room-temperature IQ thinks the Washington Post, or any other mainstream-media publication, would make an “exception” to the policy against attacking candidates’ families for a cartoon depicting Barack Obama’s daughters or Chelsea Clinton as monkeys, under any circumstances whatsoever.  Try to imagine Telnaes offering this defense of a toon that had Obama leading his children around on leashes:

Here’s a quick reminder of what the Post is trying to memory-hole:



Telnaes clearly doesn’t care much for Cruz, or anyone else in the Republican Party – which is fair enough, but the editors of the Washington Post should have known she was sliding over the edge, and needed to keep a close eye on her submissions.

Now there’s a cartoon the boys at ISIS would love. They’d probably run that in their magazine, Dabiq. They’re all about depicting critics of Islam as Crusaders. Telnaes isn’t much worried about the Islamic State, mind you, and thinks everyone who does worry about them is a hysterical fearmonger… and, of course, a racist bigot:

Yes, the woman who thought nothing of drawing Caroline and Catherine Cruz as monkeys thinks she has the moral standing to harangue Americans concerned about Islamist terrorism for being afraid of people who “look different from you.”

Where are the Social Justice Warrior swarms howling for the heads of Telnaes, Hiatt, and everyone else involved in publishing this disgusting attack on little girls in a Cuban-American family? Is garbage like this more evidence that the only way for conservatives to battle media standards is to form social-media swarms of their own?

The reaction from conservatives tends more towards quiet determination than social-media firestorms, with the example set by the dignified response Senator Cruz offered to this cartoon, so the net result of this will probably be increased sympathy and support for Cruz, and renewed determination to vote against the Left.

From that perspective, the Post might have just given Cruz an in-kind campaign donation… but that doesn’t excuse what it did, or hide the glaring double standards for Democrat and Republican candidates in the mainstream media. Remember this cartoon when liberals spend the general-election campaign howling that all criticism of Hillary Clinton is sexist.