Washington Free Beacon Names Breitbart’s Boyle One of 2015’s ‘Men of The Year’


 Washington Free Beacon names Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle one of 2015’s “Men of The Year:”

It is practically impossible to overstate the significance of Matthew Boyle’s achievement in the field of online investigative journalism. The recently anointed Washington political editor of Breitbart.com has, through his intrepid reporting strung together with pugnaciously crafted prose, taken a longspear to the barnacle-encrusted underbelly of the permanent political establishment.

It is certainly true that anyone tasked with compiling a list of the heroes who exhibited great courage during a given year will inevitably find that list littered with the names of journalists and pundits. Even so, Mr. Boyle belongs at the tippy top of that list, and his prominence will only increase should Republican frontrunner Donald Trump secure the presidency in a landslide victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016, an outcome many of the most prominent non-mainstream experts consider to be all but inevitable.

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