The Hill: Trump Goes for Broke in New Hampshire

Trump at Debate Vegas Ethan Miller Getty
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

From Cate Martel writing at The Hill:

Donald Trump is ramping up his ground game and promising a heavy advertising campaign in the homestretch to New Hampshire’s Feb. 9 primary.

Trump’s campaign has announced that more than 200 town chairmen in New Hampshire will be helping him put up signs and get people to the polls.

He also is vowing to launch a $2 million ad buy in New Hampshire and South Carolina, where he has healthy leads in polls, and in Iowa, where he now trails Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

Cruz is seen by many as the favorite to win Iowa’s caucuses on Feb. 1, which would increase the pressure on Trump to carry out a resounding victory in New Hampshire.

Trump has dominated the GOP race for the White House, forcing other candidates to react to him and winning blanket news coverage that has made it difficult for his rivals to get attention.

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